Debit Card Fraud Protection Text Alerts For Your Peace of Mind

If you have a First State Bank and Trust Company, Inc. debit card, you can enroll in our smsGuardian™ fraud protection text alert notification service. This service allows you to receive and respond to text messages regarding specified debit card transactions. There is no charge for this service, but your carrier's message and data rates may apply.

If you receive a text message about a transaction that you think is fraudulent, you can reply to the text message and your card will immediately be blocked from further criminal activity.

smsGuardian™ will send a text to you when one of the following situations occur:

  • Authorizations greater than $500
  • Out of state transactions
  • 8 or more transactions/authorizations in a rolling 24- hour period
  • Card Not Present - i.e. Authorizations by phone or online
  • Declined authorizations
  • Fuel transactions
  • International transactions

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Why use smsGuardian™?

SmsGuardian™ is an added layer of security that enables fraudulent activity to be identified and stopped immediately. This can significantly reduce the likelihood that more unauthorized transactions will occur. Plus this service is free for First State Bank and Trust's debit card holders (carrier message rates may apply)!

Example of Text Alert

CCB Guardian Alert on card 1234 for 8+ trans in 24hr, recent tran at AMAZON.COM – Reply CW2S3HNO if unauthorized. Reply STOP to cancel alerts.

smsGuardian™ FAQs
  • Enrollment is good for one year. You will be notified prior to the expiration of your Guardian account, and can text a reply to renew.
  • Changing your mobile service provider will require you to re-enroll your mobile device in the Guardian program.
  • You can sign up to receive messages on up to ten devices.
  • You are responsible for any text messaging fees from your carrier; message and data rates may apply.
  • If you need help regarding the use of this service or your account, you may reply to an Alert message with the word HELP. You may also click on the “Service Usage Guide” link on the Website or call (888) 868-8611.
  • Some mobile service providers require that we send a 30-day subscription reminder message to their customers participating in the smsGuardian program. Cardholders will receive an alert message every 30 days reminding them of the subscription if their mobile service provider is Sprint, Nextel, Boost, or Virgin. The alert message will display as: “Reminder: You have subscribed to Guardian transaction alerts for First State Bank and Trust Company, Inc. Message and data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to cancel.”
  • You will not receive more than one message per transaction on each enrolled card.
  • You may unsubscribe from this service on the Website or by texting the word STOP in reply to a Guardian alert.
  • Your cell phone or mobile device must have the ability to send and receive text messages and the use of “short codes” must not be blocked.

Click here to register your card(s) for smsGuardian™. Before you complete enrollment you will need to agree to the smsGuardian™ terms and conditions.