Certificates of Deposit


Certificates of Deposit, unlike traditional savings accounts, are a great way to earn interest on money you plan on keeping tucked away for a rainy day.  They are timed deposit accounts where at the maturity of the CD you earn interest on the money attached to the CD.  We offer a variety of CDs based on the length of time you want.

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Limited-Time Offer. 19-month POWER UP CD. Finally a rate that adds up.

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Its time you benefit from rising rates.

A Certificate of Deposit provides a safety blanket if the market dips, but they do not adjust as the market grows UNTIL NOW.


The competitive starting rate at 1.82% APY* increases when the Federal Reserve raises rates. For every increase of 25 basis points, all of our Power Up CD accounts gain 10 basis points automatically.


Even if the federal funds rate decreases, your high rate interest is locked in.


Guaranteed returns with the security of FDIC deposit insurance. 

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