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First State Bank and Trust Co.

Online Security Tips

First State Bank & Trust Co., Inc. is dedicated to protecting your personal information. Listed below are several ways we keep your sensitive information safe and your online banking transactions secure. We have also included some tips to help you have a safer online transaction experience, whether it is using your FSBT online banking any other website that uses your sensitive personal information.

DIGITAL Banking Security

Encrypted Information – Any email sent to us through digital banking is encrypted and requires a “key” to decode the information to be reviewed. When we respond, we encrypt this information that is then decoded by the FSBT digital banking when you receive it.

Password Security – If you fail to enter the correct password after three attempts, you will be locked out of your digital banking. This feature is designed to keep unauthorized persons out of your digital banking account. If you have forgotten your password, please call us at (800) 877-3728 for assistance.

Because digital banking security relies on password protection, it is VITAL that you keep your ID and PIN confidential. We recommend that you
  • Keep your online banking ID and password in a safe and secure place.
  • Don’t reveal your ID or PIN to anyone else, including family members.
  • Change your online banking Alias name and password periodically for extra security.
  • Don’t walk away from your computer or visit other sites without exiting completely out of your browser.
  • Turn off the autocomplete option that allows your browser to save usernames and passwords.
Multifactor Authentication – You will be asked to set up two-factor authentication while enrolling in Digital Banking. You can select how you wish to get your codes (by text message, phone call or Authenticator App). A code will be sent to you to enter and then you may complete your enrollment. If you log into FSBT 1View online or mobile from a new computer or handheld device, you will be prompted for your two-factor authentication code. We recommend you change your ID and PIN on a regular basis, you memorize the ID and PIN and do not write them down. You are responsible for keeping your ID, PIN, and other account data confidential. It must be noted, anyone to whom you give your Digital Banking ID and PIN will have full access to your accounts. For this reason alone, you should not disclose your Digital Banking ID or PIN to anyone. If you believe your codes have become known to an unauthorized person, please notify us immediately and select a new ID and PIN.
New digital cash management banking users – After a brief monitoring period, it will ask you to set up a series of authentication questions. You may be asked to answer these questions from time to time if you are banking from a new location or if the activity you complete seems out of the ordinary for you.

Automatic Log-Off – If you remain inactive during your online banking session for a period of time, you will be asked to sign back in before you can proceed.

Website Security

Secured Website – When you access digital banking, or any page on our bank’s website, the pages are located on a secured server. You will notice all our pages start with https:// - the “s” stands for secure.

In addition, we use Pharming Shield to monitor our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pharming Shield detects the widest variety of pharming and identity theft activity, providing protection against website hijacking, website defacement, SSL theft and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Online Applications and Forms – Our online applications and forms are located on secured servers. All the forms and applications are sent via a secure connection. If you are having trouble submitting your online application or form, please call us at (800) 877-3728. Please DO NOT submit your form or application through regular (unsecured) email.

Email – We strongly recommend that you do not include sensitive or personal information through regular email channels. This includes Social Security numbers, account numbers and credit card numbers. This also includes forms or applications with sensitive information. Unsecured email can be intercepted by malicious parties. If you need to give us this information, please call us at (800) 877-3728.

Recommended Browsers

In order to maintain data security in an internet environment, online banking requires the use of a browser with 128-bit encryption technology. Our website and mobile website ( work best with Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. 

For additional data security, if a user takes no action in online banking for 10 minutes, the user will automatically be logged off and asked to sign back in.


First State Bank & Trust Co., Inc. will never spontaneously call, email or text you requesting your username, password, account numbers or other sensitive information. If you receive any unsolicited message claiming to be sent from First State Bank & Trust Co., Inc. or if you are not sure if a message you received was sent from First State Bank & Trust Co., Inc., please do not click on any links or attachments. Instead, call us to verify whether the call, email or text was legitimately from us.

For more information about protecting your personal financial information, please visit

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