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First State Bank and Trust Co.

My Credit Terms & Conditions

My Credit Terms and Conditions:


My Credit is provided by First State Bank and Trust Co., Inc. (FSBT) using VantageScore Solutions LLC. By clicking on the Submit button and signing up for this service, you are providing written instructions to FSBT and its employees, agents, and third party data sources and suppliers, and all other credit reporting agencies under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), as amended, to access your credit files from each national credit reporting agency and to exchange information about you with each such national credit reporting agency in order to verify your identity and to provide the products and/or services to you.


To see what we do with your personal information and what choices you can make, see FSBT’s Privacy Policy

Obtaining Your Credit Information:

By signing up for My Credit, you understand that My Credit may pull your credit information from one or more credit reporting agencies on an ongoing basis for as long as you remain enrolled for My Credit. You understand that My Credit may use your credit information, and other information that you provided prior to, at the time of enrollment or after to:

  • Provide you with credit education, alerts, tools, and recommendations that are intended to help you improve your credit score, protect your credit, and assist you in meeting your financial
  • Suggest FSBT products or services that may fit your financial goals.

We will use the information on your customer file to verify your identity without any additional action

needed by you. This information includes your name, social security number, birthdate, and address.

When we display your credit score, this is a composite score designed by a third party and its use does not affect your credit score. If you choose to apply for additional products and services we offer (including extensions of credit), we may need to obtain your credit report, which can affect your credit score. We will request additional authorization from you at that time, if required.

The score shown is your VantageScore 3.0 Equifax credit score. Each of the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) uses a different model to calculate a credit score and each gathers data independently. The credit bureaus pull your information from many different sources (such as lenders, collections, court records) at different times, there will always be discrepancies at any particular time between the reports from each credit bureau. Other financial institutions and companies that provide your credit score use different methods. Some rely on FICO® Score and some rely on VantageScore. Even between those two companies, there are credit scores based on reports from one bureau, two bureaus, or all three bureaus.

FSBT (lender) may not use VantageScore 3.0 Equifax credit score, so it is possible that FSBT (lender) will give you a score that differs from your VantageScore. (And your VantageScore 3.0 Equifax credit score may differ from your score under other types of VantageScores). Just remember that your associated risk level is often the same even if the number is not. For some consumers, however, the risk assessment of VantageScore 3.0 Equifax credit score could vary, sometimes substantially, from a lender's score. If the lender's score is lower than your VantageScore 3.0 Equifax credit score, it is possible this difference can lead to higher interest rates and sometimes credit denial.

The score is eligible for update every 31 days. To update your score, you must log in to online or mobile

banking at or after 31 days since enrollment and/or subsequent updates.

Alerts and Communications:

To help you monitor your credit, we may place personalized alerts from one or more credit bureaus using the My Credit tool. For example, we may alert you of a change in your credit report, or if your SSN is used in connection with a name or address other than what we have on file. These alerts are not guaranteed to detect identity theft or fraud. These notifications may come in the form of an email, a text or through the My Credit application.


As browsers are updated over time, older versions may not function effectively for FSBT’s Online Banking Services. It is your responsibility to upgrade your browser, when it becomes apparent it is needed, to ensure that you can continue to access the Online Banking Services, including My Credit. You should also understand that use of a current browser with vendor recommended security patches is considered a best security practice. You are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and operation of your computer, browser, and software. FSBT is not responsible for any errors or failures from

any malfunction of your computer, the browser, or the software. FSBT is also not responsible for any computer virus or related problems that may be associated with the use of an online system.

Cancelling your My Credit:

You may unenroll from My Credit at any time by logging in and clicking on the Credit Alerts tab. This tab will have the option to unenroll by clicking on the Unenroll My Credit Account to the lower right of your